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Monra ENFO-2000

Monra Forestal.png

It processes biomass into bundles that are compact and easy to handle for transporting and storage.

The Monra ENFO-2000 biomass bundler was manufactured considering the demanding requirements of the forestry sector where it is not unusual to have to operate on steep terrains or be faced with difficulty of access. Given its robust, functional and compact design and its use of high quality materials in its manufacture, it can be used in the most unfavourable areas without any kind of restriction as regards bale length or kind of material. Additionally, it is designed for ease and speed of coupling and uncoupling to trailer, through a support hydraulic cylinder system.

The compressing and binding process of the Monra ENFO-2000 is able of reducing biomass volume in up to 80%, creating compact, easy to handle and resistant bales that may easily be transported and stored.

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