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Alucar Timber Bunks

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Finnish company Alucar is the largest manufacturer of timber superstructure systems in Scandinavia. The company’s superior quality products are produced primarily of aluminum in order to enhance durability, prolong lifetime of the superstructure and maximize timber truck payloads. The company was founded in 1984 and has been a pioneer in developing and constructing timber trucks for a quarter of a century.


Bunks - Alu 55-75-95

Aluminium bunks guarantee maintanance free and economical transport. Bolster frame and telescopic stakes made of aluminium. Both models are also available with one-length stakes which can be max. 3100 mm long.

  • We use only the highest quality alloys in our products

  • Anodised stakes and bunk frames secure better and longlasting product

  • Stake and bunkframes are secured by bolts, which prevent wearings

  • We supply complete bunkfixations variation to choose from: firm-, quick- and friction attachments

  • Aluminium bunks combine economy, maintenance free, durability and security

  • Strong and light aluminium bunks.

  • Light and maintanance free full aluminium bunks.

  • Strong and light aluminium bunks.

  • Full aluminium bunk for more demanding timber transport.

  • Strong and light aluminium bunks.

  • 9 ton bunk for 2-bunk systems.

Titan: New Titan Series – Even better!


  • Anodised stake

  • Zinc primed frame

  • Lighter and more durable bunk frame

  • Lighter and more durable stake

  • Lock pin secured with nut

  • Quality control with decades of experience

  • We use only the finest quality raw materials

  • High Quality Finish: blasting, zinc primed with powder coated bolster, in addition anodised stakes guarantee maintenance free and longer life products

  • Titan bunks are delivered with clamp attachments, which ease transfer.

  • Three different types of fixings: fixed, quick and friction fixings.

  • Strong combination of high strength steel and aluminium.

  • The lightest version of Titan series.

  • Strong combination of high strength steel and aluminium.

  • The reliable 7-bunk for truck and trailer.

  • Strong combination of high strength steel and aluminium.

  • 9 ton bunk for 2 bunk systems. 

  • Strong combination of high strength steel and aluminium.

  • 10 ton bunk for 2 bunk systems and also for terminal use.

  • Titan 50Titan 70Titan 90Titan 100 Titan 50 and Titan 70 available with reinforced stakes.

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