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Green Projects

We offer guidance, sales, parts, and service and support throughout Southern Africa.

Founded by Frank Uzzell in 2010, Green Projects is the sole provider of sales & Service for Logset harvesting equipment from Finland, Enfo-2000 from Spain, Rotobec, from Canada and GB Harvester Bars in South Africa. We are the sole importer of Monra Forestal and Alucar Timber Bunks and an agent for Nokian Heavy Tyres too . 

Green Projects has a variety of products operating successfully in the country including the Green Projects Raptor Stump Harvester Harvesters & Fowarders Including the Logset TH75 Harvester head mounted on Komatsu PC210- 10 MO excavators for use in Eucalyptus plantation harvesting & Pine Harvesting.


The Logset Pine measuring system is the peak standard with a very close measuring tolerance & greatest accuracy ( within 1 cm on lengths).

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