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Excavator Harvester Conversions

Conversions of Excavator diggers into Forestry Harvesters.

  • Attachment of Forestry harvester head – hydraulic & electrical modifications, together with the Logset TOC system & Joystick controls.

  • Hydraulic modification to provide sufficient hydraulic flow and pressure to the head with an additional cooler.

  • We add protection to the Super structure by using steel mechanical tubing guarding, to the operators cabin, over the roof & windscreen with a laminated armour glass 19mm Window to prevent chain shot injury to the operator.

  • Track guards to prevent debris & rocks from damaging or interfering with the smooth running of the drive tracks

  • Additional Heavy steel under belly plates for protection from branches & Rocks and Stumps

  • Guard plates to protect the boom Hydraulic cylinder rods

  • Additional high power work lights on the cab, boom and rear corners for night work

  • Grease lubrication lines to boom pin points

  • Optional Fire Supression system

  • Additional loose Bar & Chain storage holder with place for Chain Bar lube & lockup for Tools

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Excavator Conversions

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